Triumph Brewing’s Storm King Russian Imperial Stout – The Perfect Storm of Stouts?


Every single microbrew and specialty brew devotee genuinely is (or if nothing else ought to be) consistently and everlastingly on the quest for that subtle “sacred goal” of all grain and jump drinks. I, for one have been looking for the be-all, end-all in russian magnificent stouts specifically for a considerable timeframe now russian candy    (years indeed). At last, perhaps, quite possibly I’ve at last found it, and right in my own Pennsylvania lawn out of every other place on earth!. The microbrew of notice passes by the name of Victory Storm King Russian Imperial Stout and “majestic” it positively is. Here’s a russian royal heavy fit for microbrew rulers and sovereigns the same!


Triumph Storm King is a preeminently thick, rich and foamy blend that even your granddad would adore (or maybe even endeavored fermenting all alone down in his cellar back in the times of Prohibition). Gladly delivered by the reputive Victory Brewing Company, which is a microbrewery established in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, I inspected this wondrously made creation from a 12 ounce bottle (“appreciate by” date of 1/12/2012) saved straightforwardly into my resolute Stoudt’s Brewery 16 ounce half quart glass, carefully perfect and totally unchilled.


Directly as it so happens, the appearance is thick, truly darned thick and profound and dark as the darkest of dull evenings! No straightforwardness to discuss here in any event, when holding my glass legitimately up to a 100 watt bulb. This is a frothy, sweet mixture I’m managing here. A pleasant two-finger mocha/tan head forcefully ripped at its way up the side of my dangerous glass, arriving at all the path to the edge in a solitary marginally bombed escape endeavor from this proficiently containing 16 ounce vessel before at last surrendering to its solitary impediment and settling down into a reasonable haze of foam coating lethargically on a superficial level.


High tones of simmered, hot malts radiate from the glass as I draw it just creeps from my nose. This child looks beautiful and too great to even think about drinking. Nearly. Be that as it may, I’m a warrior, and sight to behold like this won’t discourage me, no chance. The principal taste yells out that recognizable thick toasted malts impact. Cooked espresso, a little back trace of licorice and shockingly not exactly as chocolatey as I would have speculated in my uneducated microbrew aura I assume. How simple and fatigued am I? Low and see, directly toward the end, perfectly before the main swallow however, I sense it. Yes…hops, in a Russian Imperial Stout regardless. What the hell is this? A RIS or an IPA?


This magnificence does itself, and the microbrew network, pleased with without a doubt the ideal equalization of cooked malts and bounces. I didn’t figure it should be possible, in certainty I never at any point understood it. I’ve generally adored Russian Imperial Stouts, yet I’ve generally seen them as a rule terms of being thick, rich, chocolatey and sweet. Triumph Storm King Russian Imperial Stout is an entire ‘nother hound in this pet hotel however. This is not at all like I’ve at any point seen or tasted previously.


The hoppy harshness of the entire bloom American jumps punching powerfully back at all of the malty pleasantness nearly places me into the edge of conviction that I wouldn’t see any problems with airing out a couple of these majestic rewards in the wake of a monotonous day of cutting the grass and mulching the spouse’s flowerbeds this mid year. Indeed it’s a royal strong, it is thick, it is rich but…it’s even very invigorating. Just about a feast and a drink out and out in itself!


I will alert you (and furthermore notice myself) that the main downside I can discover in this stunning fluid nirvana, is that it’s posted on the jug name at 9.1% abv which is only somewhat more than you need to go facing in a microbrew this darn great. It positively should, possibly limit anybody’s dependable admission to a couple at a solitary sitting. I will not be considered capable in the event that anybody ought to neglect to respect Victory Storm King’s capacity. This is a microbrew lord that has the right to be regarded and bowed down to.

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