All of us want our kids and others’ kids to be fit and healthy. We can take small steps to ensure that kids eat well, get enough exercise,and maintain proper body weight. Excessive weight and insufficient exercise are major problems for our young people, causing serious health, social, and personal development issues.

The solution sounds simple, yet many kids have compromised their health by being unfit, overweight, or obese. Studies show that overweight, unfit kids,are likely carry the problem into their adult lives 스포츠토토 with even more serious consequences.

First, the magnitude of the issue. More and more kids are becoming increasingly inactive. More are malnourished-they are not eating the right foods, and the results are readily observable. Excessive weight and obesity in America is correctly labeled as being epidemic. All you have to do is walk down any street, visit any school, attend any sports event or concert, or visit any food establishment, and you will be surrounded by it.

What brought it on?

There are many causes. Studies show that many kids spend as much as 6-7 hours per day watching TV, on the computer, or playing video games. This is their major form of entertainment. They are getting much less exercise than they need. In times past, much of this time was devoted to athletic games, exercise, being engaged in physically active events with other kids, or being physically active in some way. Now, to a large extent, it is electronic devices.


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