The basic structure of a man’s skin is the same as a woman’s, however it has unique characteristics. It is oilier, tougher and richer in collagen and elastin, making it firmer and more resilient. The reason is that the sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil) are more active. This provides for “natural” moisture and an increased tendency to sweat.

If these glands become overactive and the oil mixes with dead cells, 우머나이저 the pores become clogged. The accumulation can result in pockets of infection – acne, sores, boils, and pimples.

If there is a problem with back acne (‘bacne’) one solution is to shower before working out. If one sweats “clean” then the salty residue will contain less oil and fewer dead cells and the pores will become less clogged. Gland secretions are the weapon needed to fight infections and toxic agents.

There are good treatments for acne and other skin problems to be found on the Internet and with some good research, there are interactive sites where questions will be answered.

Wrinkles happen when collagen, a constituent forming 75% of the skin, becomes hard. Because it cannot hold water to plump it up, it collapses on itself and binds with other collagen fibres. This forms a mesh below the surface which shows up as wrinkles.


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