Buy Intrinsa to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction


Female Sexual Dysfunction treatment

The latest treatment to treat female sexual dysfunction, Intrinsa or Testosterone patches whatever you call; it has caught the attention of women of all ages. But is the treatment really a miracle that women had been waiting for so long? Is Intrinsa an    Buy viagra UK   answer for the long awaited female Viagra pill? Can women really up their sexual performance abilities like men!

Well, the answer is that Intrinsa is not a miracle or magic pill, nor does it work like Viagra, but yes it can definitely help women reclaim their sexual lives. Intrinsa works in women who are:

o up to the age of 65 years
o have a low sexual desire causing distress
o having both ovaries and/or uterus removed by hysterectomy
o currently receiving therapy for low levels of hormones

Knowing about Intrinsa in nutshell
Intrinsa is a prescription treatment and is manufactured by Procter and Gamble. The active ingredient in Intrinsa is testosterone. It comes in patch form and is to be worn on abdominal skin. It helps women by affecting their libido in a good way and increasing sexual desire in them. Unlike Viagra, which is to be popped whenever the opportunity arises, Intrinsa is to be consistently applied for 24 weeks, time taken for treatment, to see some benefits.

About Intrinsa (testosterone)
Intrinsa contains 300mg of testosterone, which is supplied to the body in measured quantities over the period of for days. This measured dosage supply of the sex hormone means women will not be susceptible to many side effects on account of Intrinsa. Testosterone patches help women regain sexual interest and desire in a short time after beginning the treatment. Other areas of sexual performance, such as arousal, orgasm, pleasure, responsiveness, and self-image are also benefited with the help of Intrinsa.

Dosage of patch
Intrinsa contains 8.4mg of testosterone. This dosage is spread over the period of four days and is delivered in constant measures. Usual amount of testosterone supplied to the body in a day is 300 mg.

Side effects of patch
Certain effects that occur due to testosterone in the body that are not pleasant and desirable are what we call side effects. Some of the side effects of this patch are increased in body hair, thickening of voice, and other effects that are considered normal in males. This is because testosterone is basically as male sex hormone found in men after they hit their puberty. Women have testosterone too, but a lower amount compared to men. Health authorities have found that benefits of testosterone in women are more than their disadvantages and hence have approved Intrinsa patch to treat female sexual dysfunction. What’s more, the side effects go away once you stop the treatment.


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