Christmas Gifts for Her – How to Avoid the Christmas Crush and Still Get Something She’ll Love


There’s really no excuse. Despite the build-up to Christmas getting earlier and earlier every year, it appears this early-warning sign continues to be ignored by guys the country over. Come Christmas Eve, the result is both ugly and predictable, as an endless flood of testosterone piles into shops like Argos and Debenhams.

Desperate to find anything that could pass as an acceptable Christmas gift for her, epilators fly off the shelves, Jamie’s latest cook book does a disappearing act and, most incredibly of all, Elizabeth Duke does a roaring trade. Less than 24 hours later, girls from all walks of life are presented with gifts that suggest she’s either too hairy, inadequate in the kitchen or worthy of little more than a silver-plated pair of bangles. The disappointment is as palpable and as inevitable as the last-minute rush that caused it.

Happily, there are alternatives – namely, personalised Christmas gifts for her. The best thing about this is twofold. First of all, you’re not going to risk an aneurysm while fighting for the tills in Smiths. And secondly, with just a small amount of time set aside, you’re bound to find something that she’ll really, genuinely like. She won’t even have to fake appreciation. In fact, that’ll fast become the reserve of the bedroom.

So here’s what to do. Pencil in a lunch hour when you’ll be free to get online. If you don’t have access to a computer, make sure you’re on the ball next time she pops out to palates. Then it’s just a case of surfing the internet for Christmas presents for her. You won’t have to look very hard and you’ll find no end of possibilities, many of which can be personalised with her name and a message. Yes chaps, it really is that simple.

As for the kind of things you can expect, particularly popular options include pampering gift experiences, personalised diaries and calendars, and plenty of personalised booze. With the latter, you can pick from red, white and rosé wine, as well as Champagne and vodka. In each instance, you can choose a label and then customise it with her name and a lovey-dovey message. Failing that, more unusual Christmas gifts for her include a ‘My Last Rolo’ gift set and original newspapers from a date of your choice. There’s even the chance to personalise a literary classic. With this, you select the book you want, before changing the names of the six main characters to six of your own names. After that, the chosen individuals appear throughout the book in place of the originals.



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