How to Compare Prices Online

Shopping online is now extremely popular as it’s easy to buy goods online and have them delivered straight to your door, and you can also often buy things online at lower prices than you’ll find in the high street. However, if you’re shopping online, the    השוואת מחירי צמיגים     traditional rules still apply: you still need to shop around to find the best prices and deals!

Comparing Prices – Traditional vs. Online Shopping

Online stores are often able to offer products at lower prices than traditional shopping outlets because a website doesn’t have the same overhead costs as a chain of shops. High rents and rates in prime shopping locations, staff salaries and utility costs mean that very often traditional shopping outlets can’t compete with online prices. Many online stores are also able to buy goods in bulk, meaning that they get cheaper prices from suppliers, and they can then pass these savings on to their customers.

If you’re the type of person who likes to see products before buying them, this doesn’t mean that online shopping isn’t for you – you can browse in your high street to find the product that you like, but you can then make a note of the product name and model number and compare prices for that product online to see if you can get a better deal from an online retailer.

Check Hidden Costs When You Compare Prices Online

When you compare prices online, check that you’re comparing like with like – make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be paying. Sometimes the deal that initially looks the best might not be when you take into account all the charges that apply.

If you’re ordering goods from the UK, check that VAT has been added to the price. If the VAT hasn’t been added, you can be given the impression that an item is cheaper than it actually is.

If you’re buying from a foreign website, check to see whether there are import duties that need to be added to the price. These vary from country to country, and if these haven’t been included in the price, the total cost could be a lot higher than you expected.

You’ll also need to take postage and packaging charges into account when you compare prices between sites. Some retailers offer products at a heavily discounted price, but charge more for sending items through the post. However, other sites offer free postage and packaging on certain products or to certain locations and this can mean that the total cost of your goods will be much cheaper.

If the site that you’re considering ordering from offers free delivery, it’s worth checking to see what services you get if you pay a little extra for delivery.

For example, if you buy a fridge online from a site that offers free delivery, will the delivery men fit it for you? Check the company delivery policy to see what level of service is offered. Paying for delivery and having the item fitted may be more beneficial to you, depending on your circumstances.

Reputable online stores will have a clear and fair charging system for packaging and posting different sized goods.

Look for special offers and package deals

Some online stores offer great package deals, where if you buy a certain combination of products, you’ll get a better deal. You can also sometimes get accessories free of charge when buying a certain product, and some companies offer discounts to customers who are ‘members’ of their site.


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