Magnetic Signs Come In Varying Qualities  

Not All Magnetic Signs are Created Equally

I recently attended a friend’s New Year’s Day party to watch a bowl football game. When I pulled up to the house, a car parked in front of me had a magnetic sign displayed on the back boasting the name of the owner’s favorite team. It looked fairly new   signs near me

, and when I asked her about it, she said that Santa had put it in her stocking. I asked her if Santa had ordered the vehicle magnet from a high quality sign shop, and she said she that he probably got it from a store. When she wanted to know what the difference was, I explained that some magnetic signs could actually be damaging to cars, though quality custom signs generally are safe.

I then recommended that she remove the magnetic signage until Santa called the store where he got the sign to find out what type of magnetic sign it actually is. Santa may mean well in giving my friend a cute magnetic car sign that expresses one of her passions, but unless he wants to get her a new paint job for her car next year, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How Risky Are Magnetic Car And Truck Signs?

Again, let me state that magnetic vehicle signs are only risky to your vehicle if you apply a cheap one. However, it is not always possible to know the quality of your magnetic car sign if you just pick one up at the store. A cheap magnetic sign uses the same bonding magnetic material as high quality magnetic signs, but they can leave scratches on your car’s paint job, or even worse, rust stains where the vehicle magnetic used to be. If you plan never to remove you magnetic car sign, then I suppose you could hide these flaws, but at some point you may want to sell your car or remove the sign if your taste changes. Also, sometimes magnetic signs can get moved a half inch or so if someone brushes against it, revealing these unsightly damages.

I live next door to a church parking lot, and I see a lot of cars parked there each week that have a rectangular, residual rust outline from a recently removed magnetic car sign. My guess is that the owners of these vehicles display magnetic business signs on their cars during the week, and then take them off for church. This type of versatility is one of the appeals of magnetic signs, but the appeal stops when the rust starts.

How can you order a magnetic car sign and avoid this type of damaging problem to your car? Ask for quality.

Say The Magic Word For Risk Free Custom Car Magnetics

The problem of cheap magnetic vehicle signs is easily solved. Simply ask your sign company if they make car magnetics sealed with ScratchGuard. ScratchGuard is a thin, adhesive film that is bonded onto the magnetic material to protect vehicles from scratching and rust that is otherwise possible with a magnetic sign. You may be asking yourself, “If asking for ScratchGuard is that simple, why isn’t everyone using it?” And that is a good question. ScratchGuard is a little more expensive than magnetic signs that forgo the protective bond, but the cost difference is not a significant one. Still, retail stores that stock magnetic car signs may simply be looking out for their overhead by buying less expensive ones that look just as cute as the slightly more expensive ones, to the detriment of the customers.

Or lower quality sign shops may not stock magnetic signage sealed with ScratchGuard to look out for their own expenses. But with the rising popularity of magnetic vehicle advertising, the demand for them is so great that the extra cost usually offsets the extra expense. Plus, wouldn’t you rather pay a few dollars more for an attractive magnetic sign than a few hundred dollars more for a new paint job?

Another Benefit Of Ordering A Custom Vehicle Magnetic…

Besides ensuring that you get the highest quality available in your magnetic sign, consulting a quality sign shop also allows you to design your own magnetic sign any way you like! Any logo, image, shape, or even digital photograph is available thanks to modern sign making technology. And they are still very cost efficient, because the materials for making magnetic signs are inexpensive and the labor is minimal. So why grab the same potentially damaging magnetic sign from the store that everyone else has when you can have a safe, reliable magnetic sign that reflects your own creativity?


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