Tourists’ Glee and Hilarity in Abuja City

Abuja, the latest national capital of Nigeria, is sometimes called as “Second London” because of its wider clean greener roads, modern lifestyle, stylish architectures and lots of entertainment. The city has always attracted a good crowd and Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) receives dozens of Abuja flights from all over the planet booked for tourism and entertainment sake from various African and    Abuja,    Western countries. The offbeat city get as brighter and vibrant as it shines in the day. The international travelers of Abuja flights spot the nightlife and entertainment in Abuja some of the finest in Africa and rate Abuja a classic tourists’ pot. The clubs, bars and restaurants of the city are capable enough to rock you.

The downtown district of Abuja comprises of an array of exciting and lively hotels and restaurants. Themed oriented lounges and bars are the most fascinating part of the entertainment scenes in Abuja. Various live music shows and concerts are largely arranged regularly to amuse the guests arriving to the city through flights to Abuja Safari Night Club and Lobby Bar at Hilton Hotel are one of the most favorite places for a great entertainment and jazz up. These chic bars offer various entertainments, lots of international delights and drinks and host special musical programs; all these are combines up to from a brilliant experience in the city.

If you are much more interested in sports and adventure games then Galacticos Sports Bar is a good place for young and active sporty ones, located in the center of Abuja in Gwarimpa town. Several young high fliers and capitalists used to be in the spot in the evenings as well as the worldwide tourists through flights to Abuja shall never missed to have a visit there. The staff is very friendly here and the drinks are somewhat expensively served.


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