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    Final Four Feels, Curses are Real, & Team Banony Gets Peeled

    My heart is broken for Team Banony. This Milk and Cookies elimination was built for Tony Raines… and apparently Paulie Califiorie. Eating cookies and drinking disgusting shit is what “the human garbage disposal” Tony is all about. And with Paulie matching him drop for drop of fermented milk, the battle between lovers formerly known as Banatalie was fucking insane and…

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    Tuesday’s episode came out of the gate stronger than Team Banony in a physical elimination against their arch rivals. We were blessed with TWO ELIMINATIONS, THREE TEAMS SENT HOME, AND A DAILY CHALLENGE. Thank you Challenge gods. Christmas day came early for us, the Banana man, and Tony two kids. Not only did they get to witness the instant karma…

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    Devin Walker Returns to THE Challenge Interview

    First and foremost, our condolences to Devin’s father. Losing a parent is one of the worst experiences someone can go through. Trying to deal with that situation, pastagate, and all of the other shit that goes down in the challenge house is a recipe for disaster. In episode 81 of Challenge Mania (holy shit) Devin tells us that you have…

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    If you Take a Swing at the King, you Better Not Miss

    It’s a real shame Joss & Sylvia didn’t miss. America’s favorites, Team Banony, Somehow – someway lost to Joss & Sylvia in Don’t Trip Me Up on tonight’s episode. I feel the pain from every Bananas fan right now. This was a really interesting elimination, truly difficult, it seems like they took it right from an episode of Survivor. Did…

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    “Rachel Robinson, an OG if I’ve ever seen one”… incredibly accurate Scott. Rachel has gone down as a Challenge legend and is one of the greatest competitors the sport has ever seen. She has 2 challenge championships – on The Gauntlet and The Duel II – and is a clear contender for the greatest female competitor in the shows history.…

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    Pasta La Vista

    That is, see you later Cory and Devin for making the worst mistake you can make on The Challenge. I don’t mean slamming Tony Two Kids, I mean going against Johnny Bananas & his boy T Raines on Final Reckoning. Cory can say all he wants how he is a changed man this and is here to compete that, but…

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    First and foremost, bravo MTV, this was the best episode of the season thus far. We got 3 epic elimination rounds, our favorite teams back in the house, and witnessed walls get punched and blood be spilled on the road to victory. The real question is in the first elimination “Meet me Halfway” with Cara & Marie against Shane and…

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    There have been a few times over the course of 32 seasons of The Challenge where the game certainly seemed tilted for or against a challenger or team, but this season of the Final Reckoning feels sketchy to myself, many viewers, and even the challengers. Looking back on prior seasons, here are some of the main moments that seemed unfair…