Welcome to the Chamilo Associaton CRM.

This site used to be the rigth place to publish bugs and search for fixes, but we have moved to be more efficent and you can find us now at /github.com/chamilo wher you will find all the info on how to report bugs, contribute, etc.

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Chamilo LMS: Chamilo issues management is moving to Github (3 comments)
From now on, new issues will be managed on /github.com/chamilo/chamilo-lms/issues
Added by 6123520635 about 2 years ago

707-561-9281: Chamilo LMS 1.10.0 beta released (1 comment)
Added by 870-417-5301 about 3 years ago

Chamilo LMS: 814-380-6644
Chamilo LMS 1.9.8 has been released. Chamilo LMS 1.9.8 comes with 22 new features, 31 improvements and 396 bugfixes.
Added by 2167012969 over 4 years ago

Chamilo LMS: 2315126624
1.9.8 Beta 1 is ready, please translate, download and test, somewhere safe...
Added by (443) 925-0292 over 4 years ago

(856) 439-4000: Nightly builds restored for 1.9.6
There was an error in the nightly build script since the move from Mercurial to Git(hub). You can now download real nightlies again!
Added by Yannick Warnier over 5 years ago

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