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Ecosystem for developing your ideas!

Start with your Idea

It doesn't matter what idea you have, you will find here the right tools to bring it to live and connect it to our hardware!

Direct Workflow

Step-by-step you will be guided towards implementing your ideas - starting with building the system, writing the software, simulating it as well as implementing it!

Final Product

In the end, you will have everything to start further development of a final product and enable your business idea, all in one package, at one place and in time!


Inform yourself about current trends and projects in our community!

Rubik Cube Solver Robot with AURIX

Let the World Champion in Solving do its Job. This is just a click ahead. But notice: The Robot currently is on electronica.


Amazing projects around the ESP8266.

WiFi Watcher

Find out how to follow people if they have switched on the WiFi of their mobile phone.

New Boards

We have added 7 new evaluation boards ready for your ideas and development. Find out more!

Aurix on Arduino

Fed up with too less computing power? Get our fully automotive certified Aurix Board and boost your developments!

Smart Humidity

Find out how you can easily track the humidity on your phone and get current values on your smart phone.


Single parts of our ecosystem.


Find our hardware portfolio in evaluation and development boards ready for experimenting and fast use-case development.


As software is the enabler of hardware, you will also get the right software for breathing life into your hardware.

Web Services

You will have the possibility to connect your hardware to an easy to use web server and upload sensor data or other status information which can be further processed by other devices or the server itself.


Fed up with searching for the documentation of hardware and software? We will provide the necessary documents for the hardware and software provided by our system at the time when and at the place where you need it!


Before starting to build hardware or even write one line of software, you are able to simulate your system and evaluation and identify possible bottlenecks as well as problems.


It does not stop at the edge of hardware, software or documentation, you will also find tools on the top assisting you to find the right solution to your problems!


Who we are and what we are.

  • 2016

    Our Humble Next Steps

    Participating in a Coporate Arduino Contest 2016, the direction towards Arduino-like Internet of Things solutions required a Management Console for managing mass deployments of Things and Gluneon.net was born. Gluneon acts as housekeeper for the things, providing secure OTA for the devices of subscribers, remote control of dashboards available in the IoT applications and smart notification services for companies.

  • 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    In 2015 the plan was born to develop the Central PCB Design Team for corporate services into a Service Provider for Connected Things.