Hike in seldom seen canyons and explore a treasure chest of archeological surprises, while relaxing in comfort
at our very comfortable safari-style base camp.

Adventures in Archaeology

The Desert Southwest, with its inspiring natural beauty and stunningly colorful rocks, is truly a gem. Immerse yourself in this wondrous place, deeper and deeper with each colorful sunset. Canyonlands, Chaco Canyon, and Mesa Verde are parts of this high desert world – an ethereal landscape of Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi) ruins and carved rock formations.

Southwest Safari Camps are exciting new opportunities for you to explore and learn about parts of three unique areas in the Southwest that few ever see:


   Safari-Style Camps

Each evening, after a delicious meal prepared by our camp chef and served in the dining tent, retire to the campfire to share stories and marvel at the billions of stars overhead. Fall asleep to the sounds of the night –frogs, crickets, or an owl hoot. Bed down in roomy tents, each with two comfy high double airbeds, linens, pillows, lanterns, chairs and a bedside table. Showers are available daily along with clean lavatories, a large dining tent, day packs, hiking poles, and other amenities for your comfort.



The Other Mesa Verde
Explore a region just as spectacular as Mesa Verde, without the long lines and crowds – only pristine canyons with well-preserved ruins. Hike in Ute Tribal Park to seldom seen archaeological sites and rock art.

(587) 831-9817.


   (617) 239-7831

The Other Canyonlands
Explore archaeology in canyon country as spectacular as Canyonlands National Park, but less well-known. Hike into remote canyons and float the San Juan River to the very edge of Monument Valley.

Click here for more information on the Other Canyonlands.


   Travel Partners

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education
The Four Corners School (FCS) is a non-profit organization based in Monticello Utah. The organization conducts place-based education, service, adventure, and conservation programs on and about the Colorado Plateau bioregion. Programs include the Canyon Country Discovery Center, Canyon Country Youth Corps, and the Bioregional Outdoor Education Project.


(843) 762-6174
As a nearly 40-year veteran of the rafting, sea kayaking, hiking and multi-sport industry and a leader in sustainable travel, O.A.R.S. administers the communications, reservation and pre-trip information for our Southwest Safari Camps. Each departure will include both an experienced FCS and O.A.R.S. guide and a common commitment to the highest standards so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

The Other Chaco Canyon
Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the seldom seen archaeological wonders of Chaco Canyon and its outlying ruins. In addition to exploring Chaco Canyon itself, we will visit several Chaco outlier sites connected by a series of ancient roads.

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