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The Global Learning Portal is your central access point to Siemens' learning offerings worldwide. It also ensures that the selected learning activity is taken into account in your personal 4Success entry.

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Business Learning

Business Learning covers learning activities that impart knowledge and skills to Siemens employees and managers on how to successfully manage and conduct business. The training courses are offered internally via the Siemens Learning Campus.
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Product Learning

Product Learning covers learning activities on Siemens products and solutions and imparts knowledge and skills on operation, sales, project planning, service, etc. in relation to these products and solutions. The training courses are offered by the Siemens Sectors and Divisions.


Siemens Leadership Excellence

Siemens Leadership Excellence is Siemens´ corporate leadership development organization, with offerings specifically designed for all senior Siemens leaders as well as high-potentials.


Siemens Professional Education

Training, in-service training and professional training at Siemens.

Advanced Training Courses
Bachelor and Master Program

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