Florida Pesticide Certification Exams

Welcome to the University of Florida/Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Online Pesticide Exam Scheduling system.

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  • Following is the three-step process to get a pesticide license:
    1. Apply for a pesticide applicatorÂ’s license/exam by using the link below which redirects you to the FDACS website. Please return to this UF/IFAS website after obtaining your exam voucher.

    2. Once you obtain a voucher number from FDACS, you are ready to schedule the examination in your local UF/IFAS Extension Testing Centers. Exam sessions are listed by county and can be found at UF/IFAS Extension testing centers and schedules. Seating is limited so you must schedule an appointment.


    3. Please go to the UF/IFAS Extension testing center on the scheduled date/time. 6208600058