Natural gas is one of the cleanest vehicle fueling options we have in the U.S. today, and 97% of what we use is domestically produced. Its use as a vehicle fuel reduces greenhouse gas and localized pollutant (like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds which form ozone at ground level, and particulate matter) emissions. On top of that, it can be one of the least expensive vehicle fuels on an energy equivalent basis.

This toolkit was built with one purpose in mind: help fleets perform a first-cut cost analysis of transitioning part of their fleet to using compressed natural gas, or CNG. The toolkit was developed as an outgrowth to CNG bus conversions that the Virginia Clean Cities was developing; the project was funded by DOE.

The key pieces of the toolkit are:
an Excel spreadsheet (“The Calculator”) that shows you where and how to fill it out and calculates simple payback based on vehicle incremental cost and fuel cost savings;
a resources page that shows where to find all the numbers you will need to complete the spreadsheet; and
connections to Clean Cities coalitions and coordinators that can help you if you need help.

What this Toolkit does and does not do!
Does do: Allows you to find and utilize two primary numbers, the fuel price difference and your vehicle cost difference, to calculate a simple payback period. Perhaps more importantly, it helps you get basic pieces of information in one place to prepare for potential funding opportunities in the future.
Does not do: It does not include space for calculating cost differences like maintenance; changes needed to a fleet maintenance, refueling or storage facility; or the refueling infrastructure itself, which can be quite expensive.
What you need to know is that this is just a starting point for looking at natural gas for your fleet. Clean Cities coalitions, NGVAmerica, and other resources are out there to help you find the other numbers you need, so use the resources page to find those as you need them.

What do I do?
Simply go to the “calculator” page and all you need is provided there. An overview of what you will do in the spreadsheet is there, as is a list of the outside information you will need to get payback numbers for your chosen vehicles.

Clean Burning Natural Gas

In today’s world where we are all trying to do our part to make the world a better place to live, it should not come as a surprise that natural gas is gaining popularity. What’s not to love about it? It is cleaner burning than other fuel types and it is abundant in the United States. What’s even better is that new uses for it are being discovered on a daily basis. Do you know all of the uses for it? It goes beyond heating and cooking. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the additional nat gas uses that others have discovered.

Natural Gas As An Energy Source

Nat Gas Mining Company

Natural gas is a product of decomposed organic matter. Typically, it is formed out of ancient marine micro-organisms that were deposited millions of years ago and then buried with sand, silt, and mud on the ocean floor. This creates an oxygen-free environment, but it is exposed to both heat and pressure, which converts it into hydrocarbons. Natural gas is formed out of the lightest hydrocarbons. To capture it so that it can be used, drillers have to use equipment to get to it because the area where oil and natural gasses are located is impenetrable by humans without equipment.

How Can Natural Gas Be Used?

Natural gas is most often used as an electric power source. This means that you may be using natural gas from your power company without ever knowing it. The power company can provide more power by using it and it is one reason so many people now opt to purchase a tri fuel generator like the ones seen here. Beyond that, it has many uses in all commercial, residential, and recreational things. It can power machinery, it is a very efficient heating source and approximately half of the homes in the US use natural gas to heat, it can cool homes, and many people use it for cooking. With the growing interest in fuel efficiency and what natural gas can do for us; the automotive industry is branching out to use natural gas in vehicles. These vehicles, cars, trucks, and busses all operate with fewer emissions than regular gasoline or diesel powered vehicles.

The Future of Natural Gas

It is said that we are constantly looking for potential uses for natural gas. It is a major fuel that is cleaner than all other types of fuel we have used in the past or present. It is producible as a 636-227-2356 in the United States and may one day prove to reduce our need for oil in our vehicles. Since it is also renewable and abundant, it is also possibly going to become a very affordable fuel source and this is great news for anyone who may be considering their option to upgrade to a new, earth-friendly vehicle or natural gas powered home. As research into natural gas continues, we may find that there are additional nat gas uses that have, as of yet, not been discovered. This is great news for everyone who is concerned about their environment and fuel efficiency.

Buying gifts for anyone is a difficult task, even if you know their hobbies, passions and necessities. Unless they give you a list with specific links to items online, it’s nearly impossible to pick out that perfect gift. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to size, shape, color and quality and there is no way we can determine that on our own without a little hint. But then that goes and takes the fun out of buying a gift. No surprise? What’s the point? Yeah, you might be thinking “it’s the thought that counts” and while that is often true, it’s not always the case. Especially if you are spending a lot of money and they end up having no use for the item because it’s the wrong one. That’s why, instead of making gift suggestion ideas for just any Joe Schmo, I am focusing on a specific type of person. If you are looking to buy a gift for that special someone who happens to be a gun enthusiast, consider these items that they would surely appreciate. I know this because I happen to be one myself and that’s why I’m sharing my picks.

NRA Membership

First you might want to check and see if they are already a member. If they are not, I’m going to go ahead and bet that they want to be. Or, if they already are a member, you can take it upon yourself to extend their membership for another 1 year, 3 years, etc. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and they can carry it with them for years to come.

Gun Cabinet

If that special someone you are gift shopping for is a very special someone, a new gun cabinet is sure to thrill them. I say that because these are often pretty costly items, but this person might be worth the expense. This is especially true for milestone birthdays or major life events. Prices do vary greatly depending on size and material, but I’m not sure there is anything that would top a gift of a gun cabinet if this person is a true gun enthusiast.


AR-15 Multi-tool

This depends on the type of gun(s) your gun enthusiast owns, but all guns require a bit of maintenance. One of my favorite tools that I couldn’t live without is an AR-15 multi-tool. I have a Real Avid AR-15 Tool which I feel is the best AR-15 multi-tool. However, there are a variety of brands that have many different uses and functions so it’s probably best to shop around for one of the sea letter for the particular gun you are looking for. While you may think maintenance tools sound like a drag, us gun lovers actually enjoy doing gun maintenance. We are a little crazy like that.

Electronic Ear Muffs

This is my favorite and most recommended item. These are an essential item for every shooter to protect their ear drums from the loud shots, and any gun enthusiast will be grateful for a set of these. If you really want to go all out, go for a Bluetooth set so that he/she can stream music and jam out while hunting or at the range.


This might sound kind of lame, but every gun enthusiast is proud to be a gun owner and wants everyone to know about it. Well, at least every one that I’ve met anyways. Buy them a few shirts or hats with some witty/sarcastic slogans and they will love to sport it loud and proud. One of my favorites is a t-shirt I came across long ago that states “We don’t dial 911”. Yeah, we are all proud to be gun owners and members of the NRA and we don’t care about your politics.


Dark colored pants or slacks can add elegance to your overall look. While skinny jeans are mostly for the young generation, women at 30s may wear these pieces as well.  The thing is – just don’t wear top to toe trendy pieces. Otherwise, you’ll be branded trying hard to look younger. Skinny jeans may be match with a flowing top paired with thin belt.

High-waist jeans are gorgeous fit too with a well fitted jacket. Picking the wide-leg jeans is not bad either. Stretch cotton jeans with wide waistband will surely cut few inches on your waist. They are the best pick if you think you’ve gain belly fats. Meanwhile, narrow-waist jeans are good for sexy figures. Try the stretchy pencil jeans. Yes, they are skinny but not really too skinny. The best pick to evenly distribute unsightly lumps on your lower extremities.

How to Choose the Best Pants

Pick the pants with comfortable waist. The length and width should complement comfort especially with the footwear. Wear something that is just right for your torso so you can move freely. Belts add glamour to most pants. When using hugging fit pants, make sure that the panty lines do not show off. For petite women, removing the cuffs from the trousers may add few tricky inches on your height.

Must-Own Shoes at 30s

Leather Black Pumps

Black pumps suit almost any casuals. You may pair them up with skinny jeans or skirt to an instant sophistication.

Ankle-Strap Sandal

This pair emphasizes your feet. They are great for anything too including fancy skirts.


For an edgy look, booties never grow old. They are great winter stuff as well. Sleek ankle boots match well with casual jeans too.

Ballet Flats

Especially if you’ve accumulated weight, flats help you move easily. Find different colors that would flatter your best pick apparels.

Metallic Sandals

Metallic sandals are great evening party buddies. Silver suits most color. Grab this pair. You’ll surely need them one day.


Nothing beats casual sneakers on the go. Wear it anytime in any season of the year.

Wrap around sandals

Wear flat sandals with nice pair of denim shorts. They look good too with floral sundress.

The Perfect Looks

In Your Office

You must be at the height of your career at this age and maybe you want to 9043379971. So you want to be fresh and professional looking as possible. Be sure to grab few suits and jackets. Buy camisoles too. No matter how voluptuous you are. The office is not the best place to show it off. Avoid plunging neckline. For an executive look, go for fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, knits and cashmere. Make sure to flatter your boss and colleagues by wearing neat, clean and wrinkle-free clothing. Stay simple as possible although, you can add few suble accessories like silver and gold pieces. Avoid using bangles and large earrings inside the office premises. A light make-up will do.

Daily Casual Wear

Denim jeans are timeless pieces throughout the ages whether at 30s, 40s and so forth. Low rise jeans d are good but they don’t pretty if you have a muffin shape body. Remember to choose the one that flatter your overall shape.

The listening experience goes beyond and expensive radio or iPhone. All too many people buy a nice stereo but neglect their wiring and speaker options. Unfortunately the expensive stereo, although important, is only part of the equation when it comes to a quality listening experience.

Speaker Location

Many different options exist when it comes to speakers. Much of the decision on type of speakers to buy will be dependent on the location of the speakers. Will these speakers be indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, mounted or freestanding? The first option to consider is where the speakers will be located as well as where the power source will be located.

Although this seems like an obvious factor to consider, many people will buy indoor speakers to be used for outdoors. The problem is indoor speakers will soon rot out when they are exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. Also, cheap outdoor speakers will lack the strong sound quality that most people are looking for around their pool or deck. The best outdoor speakers are going to cost a bit more, but in the long run will outlast many  replacements of cheaper speakers, and of course, sound much better.speakers

Wired vs. Wireless

Next to consider is the feasibility of wiring. Wireless speakers have come a long way and are sounding better and better, but the reality is they still are not nearly as powerful or crisp as their wired counterparts. Also, with wired speakers, the power source is of even more of a concern. Because wireless reception will need to pass to the speakers, being disrupted as least as possible is paramount to increase the likelihood of quality sound. When wiring is just not an option the wireless speakers are you’re only option. However, if you can wire your speakers, then you’re likely to receive a better quality sound considering you bought a decent pair of speakers.

The Wires Themselves 

Now that you have decided that you can wire your quality stereo and set of speakers, the rest seems straightforward. Well, that is what most people think. Surprisingly a lot of problems with wired speakers not performing up to their standards have to do with the wiring used. Again, this is a seemingly obvious point to make, but if the wire is not strong enough to handle the wattage that you plan to pump to your speakers; the wire will distort sound, or worse yet, melt and you’ll have no sound at all.

Mounted vs. Freestanding

It could just be a matter of opinion but mounted speakers almost always look better than do freestanding speakers. The freestanding speakers will always have a wire hanging out somewhere which detracts from the aesthetics they sought to capture in the first place. Therefore, carefully thought-out mounted speakers almost always look better than do freestanding speakers. Not to mention, those that are concerned with their quality of sound are usually also appreciative of a creative mounting job.

The factors to consider when attempting to achieve quality sounds aren’t extensive, however the aforementioned all too often get overlooked.  Be sure to consider the location, wiring availability and mounting location when trying to achieve that perfect look and sound.

Many of us are curious about inversion therapy and how it can help us with our health especially the benefit it can give to our body. What is inversion therapy? Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down with the intention of therapeutic benefit. Inverting is the process of doing this kind of therapy. It can be done through hand balancing or via hanging. Hanging from a bar with the hands at the side is also a form of inversion. The gravitational pull may decompress the joints of the body below the anchor. Hanging with feet, as with gravity boots or using inversion table may cause each joint in the body to be loaded in an equal or in opposite manner to standing in an identical position of joint alignment. This kind of inversion therapy is often introduced as a relief for back pain.

During an occurrence of acid reflux, small amount of acid in the stomach escape from the stomach‘s doorway going to esophagus.  But then, gravity keeps much of the acid in the stomach away from its doorway.  However, gravity cannot its job on an inverted position. Combination of inversion table and acid reflux can be nauseating, very dangerous, and painful.

Is it true that inversion therapy is one way of relieving back pains? And how safe it is? Well inversion therapy doesn’t provide a long lasting relief for back pains. It involves hanging oneself upside down and the inverted position is not safe for those people suffering from hypertension, glaucoma and heart disease. When you remain inverted for a couple of minutes, your blood pressure increases and your heart beat slows. Also the pressure in your eyeball jumps dramatically. So if you have the above mentioned condition, try not to do inversion therapy to avoid any complications. Even pregnant women are in higher risk for the dangers related to inversion therapy. Make sure to look at 812-786-1901 to determine which one is best for you. It is necessary to seek a medical professional’s advice regarding this matter if one is planning to do it. By doing it so, make sure that there is someone standing beside you whenever you need help in getting out from the apparatus or whenever  problems may occur regarding your physical condition. Inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disk in your spine and increasing the space between the vertebrae. In attempting to relieve the pain, inversion therapy is one of many examples where spinal traction is being done. Detailed research shows that spinal traction is not effective for a long term relief. Moreover, some people find traction temporarily helpful as a part of more comprehensive treatment program for lower back pain due to spinal disk compression.