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Ensuring Information Systems work for you.

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Infrastructure - System / Network Integrity & Security

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Custom Services - Website design / development / Graphics

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Simple: Ensuring Information Technology is an asset for you and / or your business, not a hindrance.

On numerous occasions, we have seen Information Technology (IT) Consulting / Development groups recommend, and in fact, implement solutions that are inappropriate for a given client's needs, be it a commercial outfit or simply a residence. On the simplest level, a client's schedule or business operations are not considered. As an example, an entire business practice is brought down while performing routine maintenance. Obviously unacceptable. Such that your business can grow uninterrupted, we operate around your schedule. We not only ensure that the technologies implemented integrate seamlessly, but our personnel as well. As your technology partner, when your business succeeds ours succeeds; therefore, we will work hand in hand with you in order to maximize the efficacy of a particular Information Technology implementation. We are committed to providing a service / product that consistently exceeds our customers expectations. We offer a unique value with genuine friendly, personal service via our greatest asset, which would be our team of carefully selected, well-educated and highly experienced individuals.

Saggan Solutions, known for unsurpassed quality in every respect: the attitude and commitment to service is apparent on consistent basis. Excellence by default.

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First Priority Financial, Inc.

First of all, I only wish we at First Priority Financial, Inc. had stumbled across your operation earlier in our software development related debacle. Everybody should be so lucky to have worked with your group. The development team at Saggan Solutions was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly... Read More >>

Quality Guarantee
Our Support Service comes With A 100% Risk Free Guarantee...

We know how frustrating it can be to hire a computer support "expert". The majority are unreliable or simply difficult to get a hold of when you really need them. So to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of hiring a competent computer technician, we offer our customers a 100% risk free guarantee on all of our maintenance / support related work... Contact Us >>.

Data Management / Security
Data Backup / Emergency Recovery / Imaging / Encryption

Data loss will not only affect your reputation, but in addition data loss has commonly taken companies into bankruptcy. Saggan Solutions develops Strategic Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans for its customers... 3094189940