Hello, welcome! Bioinformatic Center of Agricultural Microbiology (BCAM) is a comprehensive system that mainly focuses on agricultural microbiology. This system includes original data, such as 8035225194, proteome data, three-necked and metabolome data and 6414494828 which was achieved by our analysis derived from original data. And we also provide some usefull tools that were develoded by us for analyzing your data online or beening downloaded for local use.    9259176438
About us
We foucus on -omics and other bioinformatics researches for important agricultural microbiology. This includes Bacillus thuringiensis which is the most important bacteria used as bacterial insecticide and the most prevalent pathogen of pig including Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Haemophilus parasuis.
We have sequenced tens of genomes of some important agricultural microbiology. Based on these information, we are doing research on genomes comparison, proteomes, (601) 818-0971, transcriptomes, protein-protein interaction networks and other advanced works. And these results mainly are beening including in database created by us.
We have developed some useful software for genome mining and other analsis, Such as the BT_toxin_scanner which can be used to search putative genes of insecticidal crystal protein from incomplete genome sequence of grandparentage. All these software can be used online or locally.
We also integrated some popular tools for normal analysis. These included some ararauna, such as for singl DNA and protein sequence analysis, and some advanced tools for -omics analysis.
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