I haven't seen you in weeks.

Put your affairs in order.


Please look into this matter as soon as you can.

Several children were huddled around the fire.

I need you here tomorrow.


How long have you lived in Sanda?

Her boyfriend was not supportive.

He was born and brought up in Tokyo.

My father may be sleeping.

In other words, she wants to refuse the proposal.

Nobody wants to help them.

I don't like visiting big cities.


Give me your book.

You're busy now, aren't you?

I don't give a rat's ass.

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Irvin is cooperative.

Where there is no common power, there is no law, where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the cardinal virtues.

The shoe fell off the horse's hoof.

No one ever saw him again.

School keeps me pretty busy.

The insecurely anchored rope cost the mountaineer his life.

He hasn't changed his clothes in two weeks.

That work needs to be finished by evening.

He liked eating Turkish delight, lokum.


I was trying to prove something.

Get back out here.

You owe her the truth.


Randall received beautiful flowers from her son.


He's an Olympic swimmer.


I am writing a letter.

The volunteer group provided the villagers with water.

I wish I could believe that.


I bet you know French.

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The plan should be carried through.


I shot the horse because it had trouble breathing.

Write a report.

Amos can speak English like a native.

Will you play the tape?

Not even Thuan knew when Lance was going to arrive.


You're losing me.

Len is talking to a customer right now.

Did she sleep well?

You have done it.

It's kind of chilly in here.

Milk is a food for babies.

Tracey and I ate together in the school cafeteria.


I'm going to close the door now.

So who are we talking about?

We are different from animals in that we can speak.

It's really bright.

You said you were going to help me.

I'm in the band.

Dan was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife.


Masanao isn't afraid of anyone.

This merchandise is tax free.

It was a near miss.

Hank will be staying with us for the next three weeks.

I'm not the only one who likes Emmett.


We know that he was playing like cat and mouse.


I decided not to do such a foolish thing.

When will they give a concert?

She kneed me again, not even caring that she was hurt.

What will a child learn sooner than a song?

In accordance with our agreement, he stopped asking me personal questions.

The United States is a democracy.

I'm going to go talk to them.

You should get home.

With improper use, he damaged the machine.

You have to drink 2 litres of water daily.

I have a few friends in Tokyo.


I got the tickets for free.

I'm the one who told Grace where to find you.

Rajeev isn't coming back.

I like a challenge.

Thus, they cannot be detected by other animals that threaten them.

The tickets are 20 yen each.

His plan was to start on Monday.

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Everything is going as it should.

I asked for a refund.

Randy is parking the car. He'll be right in.

Erwin is totally into you.

The time of monarchy and princing is over.

Duncan said she would do her homework.

That guy has a screw loose!

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Let's begin at the last line but one.


I believe Eliot is right.

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His speech got awfully boring.


Fritz's home burned down in 2013.


He is a storyteller and a poet.

He comes into contact with all kinds of people.

Have you experienced a Japanese summer?

Bjorne is smart and funny.

I'm still seeing him.

No one's arguing with you.

I'm the one who needs to talk to Stewart.

I want to serve my country.

I want to make sure there is enough.

Let me have a little chat with Vladislav.

"Happy Qurban!" "You as well, thank you."

When the cat is away, the mice will play.

How much does he earn in a month?


Paula reached into the box.


I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone.

Manuel isn't jealous.

Ravindranath has already set off.

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Look at me, please.

Should anything happen in my absence, ask him for help.

I got up to greet them.

Hold in your stomach.

You can tell Aaron really wants it.

I didn't know that he was there.

The first great lesson that a young man should learn is that he knows nothing.

What do you think you'd do?

I know what's wrong with you.

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My records show nothing of interest out there.


I couldn't help it.

I think it's time for me to make some new friends.

How long has Adlai been in there?

At this second shock, I began to cry.

I just didn't expect you to be here.

Her explanation of the problem added up to nonsense.

Esperanto is pretty much of a non-language.


Who knows what has become of him?

I wonder how long it'll be before Markus gets here.

Rulers who posses the Way are raised by heaven, supported by the earth and assisted by the spirits.

Seenu was actually here tonight.

I mistook a notebook for a textbook.

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It's not a laughing matter.

I would rather stay at home.

I'm calling to see if you'd be interested in going to Boston with me next week.

Bring a couple more chairs.

This is not a job that a woman can do.

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This residential area is comfortable to live in.

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Lori snickered to himself.

It was gambling that brought about his ruin.

I'd like to check in.


Due to bad weather, the plane arrived three hours late.

She has waded into one controversy after another.

Jwahar doesn't want to hurt us.

Where's that music coming from?

To own a library is one thing and to use it is another.

You don't want Leo to think you're stupid, do you?

Dory has over thirty people working for him.

Ariel handed Donal a pamphlet.

I would pay for something like this.


Why do you want to buy this book?

Yes, I have seen one many times.

Very many people know him.

Hartmann swept the floor with the new broom Emil had given him.

Were you able to find them?


I really loved him.

She had an early breakfast.

I asked her to pick me up around four.


Authenticity is the greatest virtue.

He is bound to drop in on us on his way.

Jim has gone to London.

Let's play, little bro!

These days, the motive for marriage is not necessarily pure. Take Jennifer for example.

If it's raining tomorrow, we'll go by car.

Dan gave Linda money for an abortion.

Those consequences are no concern of mine.

That store sells top of the line purses but everyone knows they're really just cheap knock-offs made in China.


I thought that you were planning on going to Boston.