He cast his old friends aside.

And another thing, do you play the violin?

Lenora has enough money to buy everything he needs.

You two look like you're in love.

He threw the big man down.


They didn't agree how to get there.

Michael Jackson is the best music artist of all time.

Elijah explained why he was there.

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Who is the girl in your car?

Man may be freed from backbreaking labor by the products of scientific technology.

I'm coming in July.


If Pim could speak French, I'd hire him right away.

What does this button do?

She is a student.


A belt keeps your pants from falling down.

We're really late.

He is accustomed to sitting up late.

Khabarovsk is among the largest cities of the Russian Far East.

It won't cost you a dime.


Who's playing the piano in the living room?

We've isolated the problem.

You should play football.

I talked to them.

She is blinded by love.

She is most kind to me.

You are morons.

The Normans conquered England in 1066.

As these days most parents indulge their children, many children don't know what good manners are.

Let's simply look at this example.

Have you been here the whole time?

My son's ability at math has improved this year.

We'd never survive another attack.


It is sometimes very hard to put your idea across.

Don't you think you should be a little more careful?

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe.


Our plane leaves at noon, arriving in Okinawa at 1:30.

Kyoto is famous for its old temples.

You said I'd be safe here.

I think we're going to need more time.

This isn't normal.

I had a raincoat on so I didn't get so wet.

Sassan is folding his clothes.

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The friend was absent.

I haven't always lived like this.

She has no reason to be angry.

Lorenzo's face was wet with tears.

Kristian probably already ate.

Eliot asked for more coffee.

I'll ride shotgun.

The garden at Boyce's house was heavily overgrown. For over a year no one had bothered to look after it anymore.

He asked about the others.

Help me to do it.

What's going on over there?

I want to know what Dylan's up to.

The neighbors' dog passed away.

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I'm being used.

What's the holdup?

Since the light in his room is on, he must have come home.

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Andries got into a fight with the people who were staring at him.

He admitted his guilt.

I was more than a little embarrassed.

You were a bully in high school.

Get out of bed!

She called me.

About ten million tons of coal are mined every day in China.


It's been a long time since he broke-up.

I guess I'd better get going!

Bernard never puts things back where they belong.

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We've faced this problem before.

My professor sneers at science books for the general public.

Sugar dissolves in water.

Clava loves all things irrational, and works at the kindergarten for precisely that reason.

Is that enough?

Keep away from there.

It's desirable to take a picture of the goods during the review.


Eduardo sent Shahid flowers.

His family did not have much money.

"It was worth the two-hour wait, huh." "Yeah! I'll cherish this autograph for the rest of my life."

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I like seeing Skef in a suit.

What exactly are they doing in there?

He is a highly paid man.

Stanislaw's not here.

Judy doesn't seem to be aware of all the problems he's causing.

In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people.

Can you manage that by yourself?

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Don't go past the traffic light in red!

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Their work seems good to me.

He tried again, but in vain.

The plan did not meet with his ideas.

Is death the only way out?

I don't want to risk my life.

Billy has been studying.

Mention each member by name, please.

I am not musical, but I like to sing in the shower.

Yesterday, I had him take my photograph.


Can someone please open the door?


Jeannie doesn't have a microwave oven.

We discussed the article I published.

What did you get her?

It is truly said that time is anger's medicine.

You really do change your opinions often, don't you?


You need to have quick reactions to play these computer games.


How would you know an American from an Englishman?

He should have the right to decide for himself.

Gregor tried to attract someone's attention.

You'll regret it.

He's always busy.

Where's a mirror?

The steam ship has gone out of sight.

I was there yesterday.

We talked on the way home.

What does Elaine owe you?

She seemed disappointed and sad.

If we need any help, I'll let you know.

Are you trying to manipulate me?

My guess is that Mara isn't going to want to go with us.

We're historians.

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The decision is still not definite.

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A cat sleeps on a chair.

She works as a massage therapist.

The room hasn't been made up.

Roxanne saw the pictures.

I can't do this without them.

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Monty died at the age of thirty.


Wait for a few seconds.


Norbert is off his rocker.

Don't get near that dog.

Presley wondered how much he was going to have to pay.

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How would you translate it?

They won't waste time.

Francisco has been blind since he was born.


Jeany reads the Bible every day.

What can men do that women can't?

I'm departing this evening.

I assume you're here to ask me about Tahsin.

This letter bears no signature.


Pamela really did a nice job.

Irfan taught me many things.

It isn't a fish.

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How long did it take you to collect so many coins?


How did the thief manage to avoid being caught?

I saw it in a magazine.

Are you hiding from them?

I was starving when I got home.

Martha's Vineyard looks a lot like Sylt.


I'll be right back with your drinks.

Russ dropped out of school and started working when he was thirteen.

There were some unexpected questions.

A horse is an animal.

You should try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight.

I wonder how I'll pay the rent this month.

I'll be back in 30 minutes.

Tonya likes jambol fruit.

It's not easy to translate a poem in a foreign language.

He explained to me how to use the machine.

How many people live in that house?

Syd can't swim very well yet.

The growth of the world economy is slowing down.

The boy had a mischievous smirk on his face.

They have mixed reactions.

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"For the international language, the basic foundation represents that material which was, for every modern language, at the beginning of normal written literature."

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After the accident, they connected him to a lot of machines.

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As far as the eye could see, nothing could be seen except cornfields.

Why should Michael be in trouble?

I can tell you what's going to happen.