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In 1966, when Judy became pregnant at the age of 16, her family kept her plight a secret.  She was sent from her all-girls Catholic school to hide in a home for unwed mothers, give birth, and relinquish her baby girl to adoption.  The fabricated story of her kidney disease was supposed to undo the impending damage to her reputation.  Judy’s father instructed her to never look back.
But as an adult, Judy felt compelled to address the loss by searching for her birth daughter and bringing her story to light. In the end, Judy sails free from the shadows of silence and experiences a deeper, more compassionate connection with herself and others.

What People Say

“Heartbreaking, yet heartwarming, honest, raw, and flowing with emotion, Judy’s story speaks to the heart.  It offers inspiration and hope for anyone who has struggled with secrets, shame, and sorrow over events from the past.”–Jan Jenson, author of Amelia 1868 and Waters of the Dancing Sky

“The healing aspects of this story are wonderfully universal–as Judy grows into the ability to confront the past and come to terms with her loss and gain peace of mind.”–Paulette Alden, author of Cross the Moon and Feeding the Eagles.

First Chapter Sample

…. The doll looked like an orphan in need of some kind of comfort, so I picked it up. I didn’t pick her up with the usual intention of cleaning a messy floor, but to cuddle her as if I were a child playing house. Nestling her head in the crook of my arm, I cradled her body close to me. I embarrassed myself, acting so childishly, and questioned my sanity. I was thirty-four years old, after all, and had two children of my own. Something urgent nudged me past my ill ease. I sat down on the edge of the twin bed and swayed back and forth while hugging the doll-baby. When I looked into her face, I saw sweet eyes and dark swirls of hair pasted to her head, reminding me of my baby, born seventeen years ago…

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A Word About My Book

The process of writing this book as been one of healing for me.  I can honestly say the shame and much of the grief from this time in my life has eased.  My joy would be if others could read Sunlight on My Shadow and take away a bit of renewal  and insight into shame, grief, and secrets. For these are real human emotions that plague us when they are not addressed, yet when they are truly felt in the core of our being, we are set free.  If just one person is changed by reading my book as I was by writing it, that would make me very happy.
Judy Liautaud, Author of Sunlight on My Shadow