Sometimes you surprise me.

What did you do to Betty?

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List is the one I've been looking for.

I wouldn't do that if you paid me.

I did warn him.

Miss Brown has gotten used to eating Japanese food.

I know about them.

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Charlie and Piotr were screaming at each other.

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Like I told you before, it'll be getting cold soon.


Pratt is engaged in medical research.


Cardboard is stronger than paper.

It is said that the price of wine may go up at any time now.

Do you trust Jim now?

Probably not.

Plastics have taken the place of many conventional materials.


He put salt into his cup of coffee by mistake.

Arnold is on his way back home.

We didn't help anyone escape.

You answer us first.

He is equal to the task.

Did you see Marnix last night?

Brazil has one-third of the world's rain forests.

It's nigh-on impossible to work out what will happen.

Let's fire Horst.


Ethan didn't have to stay if he didn't want to.


I hate it when I have to sit between two fat guys on a plane.


Come back and see me!


The roof is covered with sheet metal.

They were pleased at the birth of their first child.

Randall would care.

She makes it a rule to attend any meeting.

Not all Americans speak English as their mother tongue.

Cindy lay on the ground.

Didn't you know that Cathrin was an ex-con?

Our condolences!

Needless to say, getting up early is important.

How long have you been a teacher?

Are you pleased with your new house?


That's kind of nice.

Murph was the one who's been helping us.

These days it's important to know how to drive.

Marek began working as a volunteer at the homeless shelter while he was still in high school.

You must put up with your new post for the present. I'll find you a better place one of these days.


Bangkok is Thailand's capital city.


I really appreciate your coming.

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I'll be back for her later.


I don't know why, but when I eat any kind of seafood, I always break out in a rash.


He is eating a crumpet.


You have to take off your shoes before entering a traditional Japanese house.


How are we going to get back to Boston?

The police arrested three men.

I lost it.

His salary is double what it was seven years ago.

What colour is Henri IV's white horse?

I explained to Bryan what needed to be done.

I wanted to show him to you.

Vidhyanath slipped a folded slip of paper into my hand.

I'm the one who saved Those.

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Win really fooled us.

I'm proud of this team.

I ought to go there, but I won't.

I can't go back to that house.

He bowed to me as he passed by.

We can't help it.

An intelligent man uses his mind, but the more intelligent man also uses mind of others.

I guess right nine times out of ten.

Have you ever put your cat into a cage?


Loyd threatened to tell on me.

It will be all better if you can come now.

The rash never came back.

Jock is unprejudiced.

I wish that Stevan would help Jackye with her homework.

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You weren't wrong.

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She gives instruction in English.

It's me again, Shean.

That's my favorite chair.


How about staying for dinner? I'm making a big pot of stew.

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Of all people, he deserves to be paid better.

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I got stung by this bee.

I have nothing to write.

Andy invited me over to watch a movie.

List refused to shake hands with Hughes.

No one suspected her.

I will do anything within reason.

The price of this computer is very low.


She has a heart of gold.


You know you were right.


I've told him everything.

I knew you would do something great.

That man is a criminologist. Trust him!


She sold him her car.

They won't budge.

Jussi doesn't drink coffee.

It's eight miles from here to London.

I work at a bar.

It is already nine o'clock.

Whatever you do, don't tell Ellen about what we did.

The meeting is to be held at three.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

They won't be happy until we're all dead.

We woke to terrible news this morning.


The house needs a new coat of paint.


Love if you want to be loved!

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Prince Charles has big ears.

This is just what I need.

He did not believe the election was lost.

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John had his body cremated and the ashes thrown into the sea.


Someone like you can change the world.

Wasn't that fun?

He finally realized that Milner had made a fool of him.


It'll take less than an hour to do that.

I never laid a hand on Santa.

You like seafood, don't you?

My experience shows that Esperanto lets you find a new insight into many cultures formerly unknown to you, inspiring you to learn them further.

Why yes, Mr. Fluff is a service animal.

She stopped to smoke a cigarette.

You're so cold.

I have poor eyesight.

We produce palm wine.

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Saumya rarely eat breakfast with us.


Sonny hates his tiny bedroom.


They're out of breath.


The bag wasn't mine.


Don't be nervous, Marcos.

She's bipolar.

The library has a valuable bank of old documents.

How I'd like to be with you!

What kind of car do you think that is?

Jochen is the kind of person who is deeply conscious of how other people think of him.

He lifted the weight without effort.

I believe that he was angry.

Kees is unbeatable at chess.

I know something Jarvis doesn't know.

She was busy with her knitting.

Klaudia ate quietly.

Work never ends, does it?


Sid was having a good day in his new home.

I'd like to see her at 2:30.

The television set will stop being the most important member of the family.

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It failed.

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To our surprise, she revived at once.


I'm very tired from working all day.

Just give Corey a call.

Mats was attacked by Vincent's sister.

He is keen on golf.

Are you going to Joseph's party tonight?

To the best of my knowledge, he is a reliable person.

I just want to get better.

Excuse me, which way to the station is the shortest?

This is the book about which I told you.

Where did you get that idea?

Is it OK if we change the subject?

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Many people think that sharks are the most dangerous fish in the ocean.

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I'm a cartoonist.