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We live in a world where way too many projects fail. Various studies from around the world put the rate of project failure at close to 70% (especially when it is a Technical Project). It is unbelieveable that we have surrendered to living with this dismal performance. Or, perhaps more realistically, we have no clue as to how to fix it. My idea behind creating the Center for Study of Projects is to solve this problem - to get humanity to a point where we can deliver projects more successfully.

I believe, we as a human civilization, are not learning enough from our failures and successes in order to be able to better perform at planning, executing and delivering projects. The Center for Study of Projects will study real project from around the globe, and across industries to bring out learnings that can be applied towards better performance of projects. ...Read More

Sid Barthakur Founder & President, Inceptone Inc, Center for Study of Projects