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The first point to remember when thinking about moving (435) 833-8129 is that you are moving one way and you are not coming back from your destination city immediately. This makes the world of difference in terms of cost and convenience with moving truck rentals.

Needless to mention, one-way moving truck rentals would cost more than two-way journey. T

his cost can vary according to truck availability, the moving company from where you are hiring the truck and according to season and demand. If you are looking for affordable moving truck rentals, you should never try it during peak seasons like summer, when most people like to move.

The other time one-way 618-710-2300 costs shoot up is during weekends.

People also like to relocate during the beginning or the end of the month. The moot points which you must bear in mind that costs vary due to season, timings, as well as availability and demand. If the demand is very high at the point where you are going to leave the truck, the rental company will automatically find another customer to bring the truck back at the starting point. If the demand is not very high or the availability is huge, then the truck might have to make an empty trip back home – which is a loss for the truck company.

These are the primary reasons why one-way truck rental charges vary according to company, season and demand-supply ratio.

Of course, there are some truck rental companies which offer fixed-rate deals. These companies specialize in one-way truck rentals.

But before you finalize any deal with any of these companies, it is always wise to read whatever is written in fine print, as well as understand all their clauses and sub-clauses in the contract.


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Check the drivers license!

If you are hiring the services of a moving truck rental and getting another driver to drive the vehicle, make sure that the driver has a valid driving license. If the driver has the necessary expertise to drive a trailer truck, you could two your personal car and accompany the driver during the journey.

Most truck rental companies require a deposit either in cash or credit card. Before you make your deposit, make sure that you have understood the entire contract, so that there are no last minute surprises especially if you are hiring only one-way trucks.

Take at least 3 quotes!

Like most elements of relocation, moving truck rental companies are also in plenty.

Take quotation from at least 3 truck rental companies before you settle the deal.

If you are going to drive the truck yourself on the highway, you must make sure that you know your vehicle thoroughly. If necessary take some time off and drive a similar vehicle to ensure that you are feeling completely comfortable with such a large vehicle. Parking at the local McDonald’s en route might be a problem as these large vehicles are difficult to maneuver. Keep these points in mind when taking the call on moving truck rentals.

Make sure you are covered!

Last but not the least, talk to your current insurance company, whether you and your goods are covered while in transit.

It is always safe to buy additional coverage when you are driving on the highway, especially a large vehicle as a moving truck.

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