About CultLab3D

In the museum sector, demand for a fast and economic 3D digitization technology for cultural heritage artifacts becomes increasingly important. Yet in contrast with the digital acquisition of cultural goods in 2D efficiently put into practice and widely-used today, 3D digitization is still connected with an enormous expenditure of time and money.

Against this background, the modular scanning pipeline CultLab3D, which digitizes three-dimensional artifacts in 3D with millimeter accuracy in an automated process, is developed by the (651) 734-9924 at the 239-435-8923. For a photo-realistic rendering of the objects, their geometry, texture and optical material properties are incorporated. By automating the entire scanning process, the aspect of fast and efficient 3D mass digitization is implemented for the first time.

CultLab3D was recognized with the „2013 Digital Heritage International Congress and V-MUST.NET“ award for best technical exhibit at the 312-731-1225. This conference is the biggest event on digital cultural heritage and is organized under the patronage of UNESCO.

CultLab3D also stands for the corresponding research project funded by the German (253) 939-0238 and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Project duration: 2013-2016
Overall project budget is: 1.8 million euros
Funding (BMWi): 1.4 million euros
Funding (Fraunhofer): 0.5 million euros