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Spic and Proud is more than a traditional company a fresh concept. This is a new east silicon valley Cubanamerican kidz venture in the greater world of publishing and graphic design. Living in such a melting pot, in an emergent city that has become a crossroad between the Americas, we are mixing our roots and getting this unique chance to develop a company devoted to the promotion of new age tendencies of world art, architecture, culture and fashion, and its impact in the area of the Greater Miami, Broward and the Keys. We are trying to riding in the storm, to surf the crest of the wave. What we offer is a fresh vision in corporative image launching, an avant garde design concept, and more than 35 years of expertise (summing our years of experience in the business). We are part of the new generation of professionals working in the editorial, design and publicity industries, tired of old concepts, and injecting fresh blood in the obsolete and non- representative products nowadays. In this creative ménage, we plan to create more than a business relationship with our clients an opportunity to develop creative bonds, providing advice and products in editorial services, global and corporate images and corporative communication management.

Through a several sessions of brain storming, working late at night as staffers of some of the most important titles in the Spanish editorial market, such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and Prevention, and one of the most successful magazine in English market, Haute Living, we were developing what we named Spic and Proud. Close enough to spic-and-span(glish) way to approach to this industry. As another way to be proud of our roots and squeezing the lemon in the Eisenhower’ lemonade: fresh and attractive, polished and sleek products that can change our visual environment, from a magazine to a business billboard. SPIC is also, a synonym of what latinos has become: Spanish Persons in Control. Owners of our destiny, immigrants adding our sand grain in this strong building that is America. Our Americanization has a particular flavor of our background, through out our Hispanic spine run the sap (another SAP: Spic and Proud) of the American way of life, that’s why we try to expose this mixture of saps as an energetic and creative fuel, as an advantage to use in designing products and services. Think about us the same as you would spic-and-span: clean and fresh designs.


Buy Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release

I was looking at apps to make smartphone cameras more functional when I started to think of what kind of hardware there was out there to use with them. I found all kinds of neat stuff when I looked to buy Selfie Stick stuff a friend mentioned. He said he uses a telescoping tube called a Selfie Stick that is sort of like a multiple use monopod. It is cool in that it is mainly used to get your smartphone out away from your body to take better selfies. It has a thing that grips your smartphone that uses a standard tripod screw mount to attach it to the metal telescoping tube.

The tube itself has a foam handle that makes it easy to hold the camera phone steady. The only problem with the older ones was having to use the voice activated shutter on a smartphone or the self timer. Continue reading

Honest Websites Are Easy to Admire

Everyone is trying to sell something online. There is so much blatantly false information and raw spam out there that it is not even funny. Even among legitimate sites, things are just so polished and glossed over. That is why I was shocked the other day to discover an honest website, one done by Cloudlight Studios. I had been searching for a place here in the Nashville area to do family photography when I discovered their website. I was expecting yet another bunch of perfect images representing their portfolio of their best work I was wrong.

I understand why photographers and studios put up portfolios of their best work, because you always want to put your best foot forward. However, you also know that when you go to most portrait places that they have to take dozens of shots to find those gems. Still, nothing dishonest, but just how it goes.

Cloudlight’s website was different. Continue reading


Our Mission Bell

To improve the city visual environment using innovating design solutions, and warranty its application with economy of resources.

Democratizing the right of any minority business to show a competitive image, offering them a high standard corporative image, improving their facilities without losing of their identities.

Help emergent and lack of resources companies to consolidates their brands and grow, so they can become potentially sources of employment.

Generate a system of periodic publications and special supplements that reflect the city’s economic and cultural life; such as develop an interactive site that back up our mission.