You are now on the protected reporting system of Integrity Line. This is not part of the website or the intranet of Korian.

Welcome to the Korian Integrity Line platform

The Korian Group is built on strong ethics and integrity values, hence encourages its staff to implement them daily.

Therefore, through this whistleblowing line, Korian employees might express openly and in good faith their concerns and report misconduct or behaviors they consider as unacceptable or which go, according to them, against the Law or the Korian Group Charter of Ethics.


  • What should I report?
  • 906-729-4467
  • 2627809519
  • Should I be concerned about negative consequences if I send a report?
  • What happens if the content of a report turns out to be incorrect afterwards?
  • 2134934994
  • 225-290-0095
  • 2362127592
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