The movement of South Africa can no longer suppress the movement for equality.

Where's Max tonight?

We just got started.

It's been going on for months.

I'm not going to defend Shahid.


Our professor has a good reputation.

Not everyone in town likes Ellen.

I often break things when I'm angry.

Should I consider giving it another try?

You'll be busy tomorrow afternoon.

Let me be more specific.

Did you call me up last night?

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I don't have to study tonight.

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That occurrence is inevitable.

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My elder brother doesn't do sports.


Why did you say this?


The water bottle is in the fridge.

Jean doesn't have an alibi.

Where is that new pack of cards?

I'm so glad you're staying.

Claude blames us.

Ragnar seems pretty excited.

Gabriel opened the door to see who it was.


I think that guy looks like Srinivasan.

There is a lot of crime in big cities.

The number of working women is increasing.

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I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning.

I only wish I could see you more often.

The Latin verb has six infinitives.

Grandfather speaks very slowly.

She rejected the money.


Land came in sight.

I'm just trying to be thorough.

I can't tell you my plans.

The men will be happy if they get anything back.

Glen did warn us.

That's a big deal.

The office was deserted.

How can I deactivate my account on this site?

For understandable reasons, they have been rejected.

Sugar replaced honey as a sweetener.

I am married.

I will repair that machine myself.

Is your uncle still abroad?

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I asked Terrence if he understood.

It is not far to Paris.

I wish Izzy wouldn't sing so loudly late at night.


Chet got suspicious.


There are still a lot of things that have to be done.

Chris bought this building with the money his grandfather left him.

When do you think I can talk to Ritchey?


Japan is called "Nippon" in Japanese.

Kikki likes watching documentaries about aliens.

Now it's personal.

They don't have enough ground space to camp.

She gave me good advice.

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I can't talk to Spencer now.


The long-awaited commission of enquiry report was released yesterday afternoon.

I shouldn't have lied to Hirofumi.

Modern travel enables us to go around the world in a few days.


I can understand your position perfectly.

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How long does it take to go to the office from your home?

I woke up early this morning.

I haven't seen Linder here before.


That house needs repainting.

My mother asked me to keep her company during the weekend.

"Jay and Toft - A Tragedy in Five Acts" is the title of Sanjay's latest autobiographical work.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my iPod.

Lunch will be served.

Did you know Terry was dealing drugs?

All of the factories are nearing capacity.

Holly branches are often used for decoration at Christmas.

Side by side.


Clayton is at the bar nursing a drink.

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This is a big mistake.


We're talking about her.

I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't happy to see you.

Johnnie is an overachiever.

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I poured water into the bucket.

She had a great desire to get a better life.

Stephan heard Gunnar recite the poem.

Grant is the girl wearing the yellow dress.

You aren't dressing up this year?

Surya wants to know who Manjeri's boyfriend is.

Baffled by Sherlock Holmes' cryptic remarks, Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

I saw Josh and Emily carrying their fishing poles and tackle boxes.

That accounts for the accident.


Ramanan was very courageous.


I've brought you a little going away present.

I guess I can't blame you after last night.

Do you still have Ima's umbrella?

Though common in cleaning products, ammonia is caustic.

You won't be able to help us.

I don't mind if you go to bed before I get home.

I think Kerry should eat more.


A firewall guarantees your security on the internet.

I've seen them all.

She wouldn't speak to him.

It is not so.

I want to be your boyfriend.

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Don't blame another for his faults.

Sam keeps waiting for his ship to come in.

I have a headache, so I would like to take a day off today.


I'm truly sorry about what happened.


The bank robbers were wearing masks.

How often a month do you go to the movies?

Blair has told me a lot about you.

It's faster to reserve a taxi.

Would you like more?

She's a fan of German cinema.

I'm sure Jakob had to borrow money in order to pay his rent.

She read the poem out loud.

Those were different times.

It rarely snows here in the winter.

When we reached the summit, we all yelled out into the void.

All the color went from Ronald's face.

Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Clean up the kitchen.

I'm going to make this work.


A man has ten fingers.

Who were the members of The Beatles?

Kobe is the city which I like best.

I didn't think you were needed.

The house collapsed in an earthquake.

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You could have told me.

Thank you for not betraying us.

When did you arrive in Australia?

Use it with caution.

Do you accept tips?

Pardon me one second.

Graham won a large sum of money.

She studied Chinese in order to translate her books into this language.

They do not teach them to speak English.

Millions of people in this country suffer from too much information.

Put away the bread.

He was punished for drunken driving.

Benjamin already understood everything.

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Tareq has done what everyone said couldn't be done.

There is no doubt whatever about it.

I'm now about as tall as my father.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that.

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

You are not trying!

"Does your sister go to school on a bicycle?" - "No, she always goes by motorcycle."

The prize will go to the best student.

He handed her up into the bus.

I'm using an expensive watch.

I guess that's a good sign.


He gave me money and advice.

Venkata is playing tennis now.

They stopped running.

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Lisa's room needs to be cleaned again.

In spite of everything, he came.

Roxie gave a famous singer ten thousand dollars to come to the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday."

The angry mob wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy.

Did Christie arrive on time?

Show me you're brave.

Nguyen is a retired detective.

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.

It's such a long time since he left school.

Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John.

How can the little snail grow inside its stone prison?

She will not approve.

I have no idea what it means and you don't have to either.

Bears hibernate during the winter.

I hope I can work with Christie again.